Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Edwin out, Ol' Jack in

Rodriguez gone as Marlins skid continues
           After Saturday's loss against the Rays, the Marlins losing streak fell to 9. So did Edwin Rodriguez hopes of staying the manager. He let GM Larry Beinfest know of his resignation Sunday morning. It was respectfully accepted, and Brandon Hyde was named interim manager for the day.

           Edwin went 78-86 in his time as Marlins manager, which lasted about a year, as he was named interim manager after the Marlins fired Freddi Gonzalez after a .500 start through June. Edwin led the team to 30-20 through the first 50 games this year, and was respected by the players. He was looking set for an extension, all until this abysmal stretch the Fish have  found themselves on. In June, under Rodriguez, the Marlins were 1-17.

           After this news the Marlins needed a new interim manager, and who better than ol' Jack Mckeon? The Marlins were struggling in '03, and McKeon was named manager, and we all know what happened that year. Now, in a just as talented team full of young talent, McKeon, at the young age of 80 will try to do it again.

          This team is much better than their reecord displays. They started 30-20, and if McKeon can bring a spark to this team, and get the players attention, which he will using his experience and just the fact he is who he is, this team has a chance. McKeon is a no nonsense, old-school manager. He is not too into matchups, moreso who is playing well and ready. He showed this by benching Hanley Ramirez in his first night as skipper for arriving late to the clubhouse.

         The Marlins need a spark, and McKeon could very well be that. Today is the first day of Summer, so as McKeon said, "This team is a Summer team, not a Spring team", som fresh words for Marlins fans dying for a change and spark to get this team into playoff contention. We'll miss you Edwin, but Jack is, well, back. And hopefully the Marlins are too.

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