Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Marlins lose 1st game of doubleheader in Philly; Some news

      Didn't do a full preview for today's doubleheader, I'll just be doing some wrapups. Elih Villanueva had a terrible start, giving up 8 runs in 3 innings. It again started with him walking the pitcher, that always kills Marlins pitchers. Our only run in the 8-1 loss was again on a 1st inning run, a Logan Morrison homerun. The Marlins fall to 32-35, and have now lost 5 in a row.
     Some moves were made after the ball game as INF Jose Lopez was recalled from AAA New Orleans, and Villanueva was sent down to AAA. I've heard from sources that Jose Lopez will be in tonight's starting lineup, playing 3B. Who knows, maybe a fresh bat that will bring some life to this team. Can't hurt.
Key stat: Jose Lopez is 7-21 with 1 HR career vs Halladay. Who knows, maybe a spark?

      One thing I find highly annoying is that the Marlins called up a minor leaguer in Elih Villanueva that had no business being here .He was only 5-4 in the minors and had been struggling. All this, basically sacrificing a game, to save a day's rest for Javier Vasquez, who is indeed a professional athlete. Especially against the Phillies in Citizens Bank Park, just a bad move in my opinion.
    Another tidbit, as you guys know by know is that Josh Johnson has been placed on the 60-day DL, as retro to May 15th. The Marlins expect him back right after the all-star break, maybe in that series at Wrigley Field. Ozzie Martinez was also sent back down to New Orleans. He has no business being in the MLB right now, and needs some AB's playing everyday, which he can get at AAA. Good move.
    Tonight's matchup, 2 men with no-hitters. Should be a good one. Anibal requested to against Halladay, I love that.

Go Fish!

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